Want a Modern and Minimalist Ceiling or Concept Walls?

A perfect combination of colors and lights gives the home much desired look.

False Celling Design

False Ceiling Designs

Latest Designs of POP False Ceilings for Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Kitchen and Dining Areas.

TV Units (Ideas + Design)

Choose the best TV Units from a unique set of new designs. Chose with different colour combinations and material finish. TV Units with storage spaces and bookshelves is a unique way to enhance & beautify the room ideas.

Wall Design Ideas

Wallpapers combinations, Designs framing on the walls, Marble Customizations and Panels makes your walls more attractive.

Our Process

It’s said when we plan well, we execute well. The Project Management involves 3-Step Process which ensures Design Clarity, Timely Implementation & Best Quality Delivered.

Wardrobe Design, Wardrobe Design


The first stage includes the discussion to know the needs and how we can provide our value to your dream house.

Wardrobe Design


After a thorough study, we start drafting & designing the ideas to come up with.

Wardrobe Design


Once the designs are approved, we start implementing all the study and design into action.

False Celling Design, Wardrobe Design

Choose interiors designed with superior quality material, leaving no room for defects.

False Celling Design, Wardrobe Design

Get beautiful interiors for your new home in just 45 days. That’s our delivery guarantee.

False Celling Design, Wardrobe Design

A team of experienced designers to craft every single corner of your home.

False Celling Design, Wardrobe Design

Complete your design journey and get unwavering support from our dedicated care team.

False Ceiling Designs

Many homeowners think of false ceilings as a mere decorative component. Well, that’s false. A high-quality false ceiling design can add an ambience and theme to your house. Besides, it has some tangible benefits as well.

Back in the day, only offices, shopping centres, and other commercial buildings had false ceilings. Now, forward-thinking homeowners have also realized the advantages of investing in false ceiling design.

Why Invest in False Ceilings?

Of course, false ceilings make your house look great. It adds a unique theme to your home that can instantly grab the attention of the visitors. However, the benefits of false ceilings are not just cosmetic. Let’s discuss why you should invest in false ceiling designs.

·       Improved Air Conditioner Performance: Not many homeowners know, but a false ceiling can optimize the AC performance. A false ceiling comprises a gypsum sheet layer, which protects the roof from direct sunlight. Therefore, it reduces the heating problem and enhances AC cooling.

·       Noise Reduction: A false ceiling plays a vital role in sound absorption and acoustics. It ensures noise reduction so that sound from different rooms and areas of the house doesn’t emit out and make the home noisy.

·       Cost-Effective and Removable: False ceiling designs are more cost-effective than ceiling renovation. Moreover, in the case of any damage or changes, the false ceiling can be removed. No such luxury is available when you renovate the ceiling.

·       Reduced Electricity Bills: A false ceiling provides heat insulation. It reduces heat inside the home during summers and cold during winters. This leads to more efficient energy management and helps reduce energy bills.

Investing in superior quality false ceiling designs can make your home more appealing and energy-efficient. Get in touch with Yourhomz and discuss your project today if you’re looking for expert false ceiling designers.