False ceilings were rare, a few years ago. People who were getting their homes done seldom used this option. The reason being plenty. Earlier, false ceilings were made of gypsum boards, but the scenario today has changed. False ceilings are not only functional but now they have become a treat to the eye with so many options that it has brought. It has evolved from wood to glass and fiber to plastic, any material is being used as a False ceiling and interior designers are bringing out their best designs through False ceilings to make your homes look amazing.

Let’s discuss the benefits of False ceilings.

Benefits of False Ceilings 

  • Easy Installation

It is not a tedious task anymore to install a false ceiling. This can be done by a professional contractor with the help of the right kind of tools and equipment.

  • Clutter-free look

A perfectly installed false ceiling hides the ductwork, the pipework, and electrical wires and this in the end, gives your ceiling a clutter-free, neat, and absolutely clean look.

  • Repairing and Reinstallation

If you are wondering if a false ceiling that needs repair will empty your pockets? The answer is No! Today, the repair and reassembling of False ceilings are hassle-free and quite a piece of cake for professionals and mind you, they will not make a mess out of it. It will not create a mess in your home at all.

  • A Quiet space

A false ceiling is also said to be able to absorb sound. It is said to play a key role in acoustics and is usually designed to help in the reduction of sound, thus giving you a quiet space.

  • Easy and Pocket Friendly

In case of damages to the ceiling, it is advisable to go for a false ceiling instead of getting the entire ceiling renovated as it is more economical and flexible to a pocket.

  • Energy-efficient

It has been seen that a false ceiling has proved to be energy efficient as it helps in curbing heat during the summer season and in winters, it is said to curb the cold. It helps in seeing a smaller number on one’s electric bill. False ceilings are also a source of thermal insulation. The air-filled gap between the two layers of ceilings cools the rooms thus suspending the doubt of high temperatures. 

Select From a Wide Range of Options 

The most trending kind of False ceiling especially for Delhi-based interior designers, is where the frame is made on the already existing ceiling channel to which an iron mesh is installed. Over this is done the plaster of Paris treatment. In order to give it a more gorgeous look, one can go for both wallpapers options pasted on the false ceiling or textured paint.

Wood is also considered as one of the options to give it a sleeker look. Wooden planks are installed on the ceiling which has already been prepared and the wood veneer can be kept on plyboards which are then installed into the actual ceiling. To add to its beauty, one can go for lighting options which are available in plenty in the market.

Interior Designers in Delhi have come up with certain ideas like opting for back-lit glass ceilings or fabric ceilings and they believe that this look will give an extra-ordinary look to your living room or space where it is installed. 

If you are looking to give a dramatic look to your design, then one can opt for cove lighting as this significantly adds to the beauty of any ceiling. Multiple levels of ceilings with add-ons like cove lighting and using multiple materials like wood, mirrors, glass metallic tiles, and fabrics, in-ceiling designs can give you that majestic look.

In cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. interior designers suggest the idea of a False ceiling in at least one of the spaces of their projects as it is something that gives one’s home, a look that is different from the rest of their home. It comes with both pros and cons and we at Liv Space are here to answer all your questions, not “Falsely” of course.

Closing Phrase

Interior designers in Delhi will bring you the best in class false ceiling ideas and designs. Getting a false ceiling in your house or office space can transform its appeal totally. You get all the freedom to decide what type of design you want for your ceiling. 

Make sure that you see a wide range of designs both online and office and then select the best one for your space. 


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